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Lets fecking have it! It all starts here!


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Alright lads, break time is over, its time to really start the engines. People will post in October, Jan and even March, but the reality is, the season DOES START HERE!


Any doubters out there feck off.


We have the best keeper in Europe


We have 3 top quality centre backs


We have englands right back


We have three left backs, Argentina's next left back, Italy's first choice left back and a seasoned pro.


We have the Argentina captain, brazilian u21 captain chomping at the bit to prove himself and one of Italy's most exciting midfielders, along with a bright prospect waiting to burst in, if given a chance.


Wide, we have a spanish interntional, a dutch international, Israeli captain,and moroccan international.


We also have depth in the shape of squaddies like Voronin, N'gog, El Zhar, Degen. We have kids like Kelly, Spearing, Nemeth, Darby and others.


Then the crown jewels, Gerrard and Torres.


Feck the pretenders, we have no gaps. What we have is enough to win it.


Fletcher, O'Shea, Park, Macheda, Nani, Anderson all have them. Scholes, Neville, Giggs are on walking sticks and still collecting them.


The time is now, the title is ours, get out there and kick some a***.

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