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Watched a bit of the NBA finals and the Stanley Cup last night and my insomnia was soon cured when I began wondering wtf it is about America that their sports can't be decided by a normal proper decent final-type scenario? They have the superbowl for the other thing, but baseball, ice hockey and basketball all have to be decided by a best of 7 malarkey.


Can anyone give any good reason for it - apart from advertising - and would it work in the footy? I'd imagine we'd all get bored of it pretty quick if the league or the World Cup were decided by having two finalists play each other seven f*ckin times, we get fed up if we draw a team in a cup that we have to play in the league at the same time, and there was universal disappointment when we drew Chelsea again in the EC.


I'm thinking it says something fundamental about Americans and American society but I haven't quite been able to pin it down yet. My suspicion is that it proves they are all divvies, but I'm not sure why.


What do YOU think?

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