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Calling all estate agents/landlords


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Some student lads I know signed a contract back in February to move into a place in July for 12 months. Someone in their family has offered them a miles better and cheaper place to move into, so they contacted the estate agent and told them circumstances had changed and ta very much but they weren't taking it up (and were prepared to swallow the lost deposit if need be, but not ideally). The estate agent has gone nuclear on them, threating them with court action for the full rent for the 12 months and blah blah blah. The lads are sh*tting one now, they're only 18. Obviously, the landlord/estate agent still has six weeks to find takers for the place, so they are coming across as a right bunch of nob'eds.


So, what's the advice for the lads then? Tell the estate agent to stick it and see you in court? Would they bother to pursue it, do you think?



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