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Hulk Hogan


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Edited highlights for me....


1995: Opens a restaurant in Minnesota called PastaMania. It lasts less than a year.


I love the name pastamania. Watchaagonnado?


This is the tail end of it that cracked me up.


November 2007: Hulk's wife, Linda, 48, files for divorce. She later starts dating a teenage pool boy, some 29 years her junior.


April 2008: Hulk starts dating 20something Jennifer McDaniel who looks almost identical to his teenage daughter Brooke.


April 2009: Bares his heart in a Rolling Stone interview: "You live half a mile away from a 20000 sq ft home you can't go to any more and you know that a 19 year old boy is sleeping with your wife.... I totally understand OJ. I get it...."


May 2009: Claiming that she is "in imminent danger" of an OJ-style murder, ex wife Linda demands an additional $8200 a month in maintenance to cover her additional security costs.


100k a year that interview has cost him to defend her from him :D

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