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A young couple I know, small kids and big mortgage, have run into difficulties. Nobody's fault she has had an operation which went wrong (actually this IS somebody's fault, the useless surgeon and they're trying to close ranks but that's another story). she's been very ill and is going in for surgery to rectify the f*ck up in two weeks, she wil be out of work until September at which point they should be able to pay their bills again.


I suggested she ring Halifax who were initially very helpful and suggested they come in, work out a budget planner and put a reduced payment schedule in place. marvellous, just what they need and exactly what the institutions are making such a big play about to curry favour wuith the government and FSA.


The bill for sorting this problem for these down on their luck nicest people you'd ever wish to meet and who have never missed a payment before in 12 years is £100 :angry: The alternative they were told is to go to CAB but as a gesture of goodwill they'll put the £100 onto their mortgage debt.


They should just close the f*ckers down, sack the f*cking lot of 'em.

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