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Anyone know anything about plumbing?


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Plumber and electrician came round to replace our three way valve on Thursday. When they went to turn back on the central heating at the fused switch in the kitchen the RCD tripped. They said it could be water in the wiring somewhere as they didnt drain the system first and some did leak out. Five days later though and its still tripping every time I try and turn the central heating on.


They are trying to tell me its a fault under the floorboards somewhere and want to start pulling them up which Im not having at all. We've got big feck off boards rather than floorboards so that would be a nightmare. It wasnt tripping before they got here, so its something they have done.


Does anyone have any experience with wiring these valve thingies? Or is the a forum where plumbers go to discuss pipes and stuff that someone could point me in the direction of?

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