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Low cost flights to Malaysia

The Hitman

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I was in the process of booking my holiday to Malaysia for late January 2009,off to KL with the missus to see mate out there and holiday some in KL and Langkawi.Flights were generally around the £650/700 each mark for a return ticket.


However,I came across an article talking about the budget Malaysian airline,Air Asia X,which is planning to launch low-cost flights to KL from next year.Apparently they were hoping for a pre-Christmas launch,but are now looking to do it in the New Year,with flights from £350 return which,quite frankly,is fantastic.


Does anybody know anything about this,I can't quite make up my mind as whether to book a flight now for £650 or leave it until later,which is a bit of a risk given that the Air Asia X flights haven't even been confirmed yet.

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Guest Raisbeck

AirAsia is a part Virgin/Branson venture, its low cost but you have to pay for everything extra.


No meal, no baggage allowance which is pretty essential on a long haul flight so it wont be THAT cheap.

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