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Internet display problems?


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quick question for those in the know. I bought a laptop for my mom for her birthday. It's windows xp. Thing is if i look at a site like this or say hotmail it's all whited out. All the red tabs on here are missing making the site look confusing. You can still use it though. Same with hotmail. All the background is white with seperation tabs between mails missing. Is it a card issue or some display setting switched on/off?

Same thing with word or similar money management windows software she uses. It looks really basic with all the different colours missing.


Anyone have any ideas?


Thanks in advance

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Sounds like it's missing the correct drivers for it's graphics card.


Did you buy it brand new? If so you should have a driver disk. If not you need to try to find out what graphics card/chip is included on that model of laptop and then download the correct driver.


EDIT: It could also be the Accessability Options control panel settings. Here you can set different display colours/schemes for people who's sight isn't 100%

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