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Cambodian children


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I've just returned from Cambodia. I went there for Holidays and the impact of the visit to this poor country, seing the poor starving kids going through garbage. Hearing the stories of child abuse and sexual exploitation of kids. It's devestating and my wife and I decided to find a cause to support when we returned. We've been looking at a few different but we have no idea about which are genuine as there are so many. We don't want to end up donating money to a cause just to see the money ending up every else than where it's supposed to go - to the children of Cambodia.


We've been looking at The Cambodian Childrens Fund: http://www.cambodianchildrensfund.org/ does anyone know the charity?


Do you know any other genuine causes we could use to support these children?


Your help will be highly appreciated.


And yes, it really is this bad:

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