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If you took all the money in the world


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What base currency are we talking? US Dollars? Yen? And what gross population figure? 6 billion? 6.5?

Based on dollars and 6.5 billion people the cumulative estimated net worth of the owners of the top four Premiership clubs alone would give each person on the planet more than 2 dollars each - and they aren't even the wealthiest individuals.

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a quick google search reveals "The World Bank pegs the global GDP in 2004 at $40.887 trillion"


so divide that by 6 billion and you get about $7000 each


But that is just the "turnover" of the global company, not including the asset value.


How much are we estimating things like the Pyramids to be worth btw? Is it just raw real estate prices we are talking or does the development of the land mean something? Manhattan, for instance, is probably worth more cleared than it is with its current occupants.

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Are we talking cash in circulation or asset value aswell ?

Vague recollections of conversations with Socialists lead me to believe that the eventuality of everybody in the world having an equal amount of cash would affect materially the mechanisms of accumulation of assets.

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