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I just had a f*cking terrible nightmare


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I've just woken up and it's the early hours of Wednesday morning...


I don't know what the f*ck I ate last night but I've just dreamt that Chelsea beat us in the semi - Labour had their worst local election result for over forty years and... wait for it... BORIS JOHNSON WON THE ELECTION FOR F*CKING MAYOR OF LONDON!! :lol:


I'm covered in sweat just thinking about it :ohmy:


I'm going to take a couple of strong sedatives and I'll log back on in the morning - fingers crossed for the second leg.






*c*cks shotgun*

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I believe they voted under the influence, such a merry bunch down south.

The influence of Pie, Mash, Fullers London Pride and a predisposition towards racism and all things right wing? ;)

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the only possible good thing coming out of this is that when Bozza makes an almighty c**k of eveything and when he embarrasses the city and half the population in it (I recekon about Tuesday next week at the latest) it'll show the tories generally to be the racist toffs that they generally are.

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