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On the way home from the match today had the Radio on in the car listening to Phone in, Think it was Merseyside but not 100% sure. The presenter was / is an absoloute idiot.

Every call he brought it back to the rotation policy of Rafa and how his team selection has ruined our season.

Not sure who he is but the few times i have listened to the show i get so annoyed i have to swith off, Is he a blue ?


Never been one for calling these shows as they cut callers off if they don't agree with their point and let those who do talk on for ages supporting the whole anti Rafa agenda.


It was mentioned in the last few days that Rafa/LFC should fight back regarding this negative agenda from the local/national press. Every team rotates players and we have done it less than others, Torres was rested for 2 games this season, which player has played every game, i doubt many of the top players at any of the top 4. Why do the media not mention this.


The reason we are behind the top 3, Even though i think we are closer at this point in the season than we have been for a few years, is that some of our fringe players have let us down when brought in to rest the 1st 11. We need to improve the quality of some of these playes.


Would love us to go unbeaten till the end of the League campaign and see how close we get. We all moan about poor results at home and too many drawn games. Have Arsenal not just drawn at home again and now dropped 8 points in the last 4 games.


A season ends in May and that is when we judge how its gone, thats the Liverpool way. Don't let this media bias destroy the good work RAfa has done and will continue to do for years to come.

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