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To the north – nice family – he’s on his 2nd Marriage – kids have just left high school. Very helpful – always there if I need anything. Look after each others properties when on vacation. Handy as he has a pool and I don’t my kids get to use it a few weeks a year and I don’t have to maintain it.


To the west. Elderly couple. Got moved there a few years ago when their house was demo’d for the new airport approach. He’s still hanging in but in his 90’s and its not looking good. Dogs a pest – new one. Yaps all the time. It might disappear one night. Just saying.


To the east – nothing. The school sports field. Mainly quiet.


To the south. The nutjob. Home owner extraordinaire. Always doing something. I think he’s rebuilt his house from scratch in the 5 years I lived here. Every night he’s working on something – normally the very small patch of land he has to the front. The back is full – swimming pool, deck and parking for the RV. Every night he works on his canoes / bikes/ current toy/ trucks etc etc. then he can get the blower out and clear the street. Then suck up the dirt. Then vacuum the drive. Then get the hose out and wash his truck. Then turn it around and do the other side. Then get the blower out and clear the street…. Etc etc.


My house is raised up from the street and has a steep slope down to the road opposite when he lives. I can’t do anything with it except hack it back a couple of times a year. Looks very untidy – but its psycho boy who has to look at it not me. Maybe his constant activity is trying to shame me into doing something. And it does. Normally consists of opening a beer and calling out to the wife “guess what he’s doing now”.


And you should see the fun he has moving snow around in the winter….

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