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The male contraceptive pill...

Guest Phil C

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I've just read an article that suggests that the male contraceptive pill is not far away, with the male being able to decide when he wants children (I believe that he takes the pill to make him fire blanks for 24 hours).


My initial thought was that this would lead to the end of the human race (starting in Liverpool), particularly in view of the forthcoming investment by DIC and the prospect of LFC winning loads of trophies and not doubt being on tele all the time (like the old days :)).


However, then I thought again and considered how women would respond, the cunning foxes that they are....


So, as it requires a bit of forward planning by the male e.g. 'will I be sh*agging in the next 24 hours? Best take a Pill then...' will this lead to more ambush style sexual attacks on men by female partners who want to conceive? Maybe, with the help of her mates, who'll jump on him as he walks into the house, hold him down., massage him with warm oil using their naked bodies and so on.....maybe? :unsure:

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