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CD frenzy


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After a long while off the shiny discs, I paid homage to my favourite recod store - Minus Zero/Stand Out! just off Portobello Road. What with brief visits to the Record & Tape (sorry, Music & Video) Exchange before and Rough Trade afterwards, my bank account took a severe beating.


Working my way through them all this week:


BOETCHER, CURT - There's An Innocent Face - v. "pop" singer-songwriter stuff from the man behind Sagittarius and The Millennium

COUSTEAU - Nova Scotia - their 3rd album. Sounds nowt special so far, but it was only £2.50....

EAST WEST - EyeWitness - recommended by Stand Out! Not played this one yet.

FLIES, THE - Complete Collection 1965-1968 - in the Minus Zero sale, also not yet played

GALLON DRUNK - Fire Music - a recent album of theirs, also only £2.50. Has a cover of Dylan's Series Of Dreams on, oddly

HEAVEN 17 - Penthouse And Pavement - apparently Melody Maker's album of the year back in the day. Purchase inspired by Simon Reynolds' book "Rip It Up & Start Again" - not impressed yet, but time may tell

JAN & LORRAINE - Gypsy People – great girl-sung 60s psych-pop

POPGUNS, THE - Another Year Another Address... The Best Of The Midnight Years – I’m always a sucker for 80s indiepop compilations

RADIO DEPT., THE - Pet Grief – the latest album

ROCKFOUR – Nationwide- the Israeli power poppers 3rd album. Good stuff

TAPES 'N TAPES - The Loon – didn’t make much impression on 1st play

THOMPSON, MAYO - Corky's Debt To His Father – Syd-esque oddness. Apparently proto-americana.............

WHISTLER, CHAUCER, DETROIT, AND GREENHILL - The Unwritten Works Of Geoffrey, Etc. – more 60s goodness

V/A – Tropicália – on at the moment – Brazilian psych oddness. Never heard any of this stuff before, and I know am a few years behind the zeitgeist on that...


Also giving another whirl to some Ant M specials while at work (leaving Scott Walker for non-work occasions though...)


And got some more modern stuff on its way – The Young Knives, Guillemots and the first Archie Bronson Outfit album


I have missed buying records

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