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Allerdyce is a c*nt


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I had a chat tonight with the manager of one of our rivals in the kids league. He was moaning about parents, how they're a pain in the feckin arsse, well some of them, then he told me this story.


'We played a friendly on Sunday, a good game and I was patrolling the touchline as you do when the phone went. It came up 'Sam's Dad'. I had a double take and Sam was playing and his Dad was over the other side of the park watching and it suddenly occured to me it may be Sam's Mum using her husbands phone and something awful had happened at home so I answered it'.


'Alright Roger, it's Sam's Dad, my Sammy isn't getting much of the ball, can you push him up front to link up with Jordan?' :ohmy:


I blame Fat Sam Allerdyce the clunt. :lol:

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