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Aldo singing for charity


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Saw this last night, and he was shockingly bad. Still got through though :)



John Aldridge


John William Aldridge (born in Liverpool, Sept 1958) was a prolific, record breaking goalscorer, known for his hugly productive time with Liverpool FC in the late 80s, where he won League and FA Cup titles. He scored 474 career goals, which is a record that still stands.


John is also known for his part in Jack Charlton's World Cup squads, playing in Italia '90 and USA '94. Who could forget his famous altercation with the fourth official in the game against Mexico?!


John (Aldo to his fans) is now a full-time football pundit.


His family are sure he?s gone completely mad by agreeing to take part in ?Charity You?re A Star? but he is in it to help Temple Street Children?s Hospital and their CT Scanner Appeal in particular. He?s been involved with the charity for five years now.


He?s only ever sang in the Liverpool stadium (The Kop) before now. He imagines that the judges will think he?s brutal and tell him so on the show.


His musical tastes include The Beatles, Frank Sinatra and Meatloaf and, like any footballer, he loves his golf.



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