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I have just been told ...t


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I'm now officially obese having put on 5Kg this year and having been borderline two years ago. My BP is through the roof too and I have to sort myself out.I must say, it's easy to be obese under Labour, I never had this stark terminology to deal with when Maggie was in charge.


Last year I had gout more often than I didn't and exercising brought it on even worse so it was all a vicious circle. The gout pills have worked pretty well and I now need to take control (As I did about 3 years ago) and get my weight and BP down. I had an ECG and that was fine AND I got a £500 tax rebate todaty, apparently for filing my tax returns online and on time so it's not all bad.


Would it be so terribly wrong to drink the tax rebate away first before I make my life a misery again eating feckin lettuce? :unsure:

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