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Cissé last night!

Ian Mc

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Opinions please? I thought he played last night exactly how Rafa wants him to play and his ball retention and touch seems to improved greatly since the summer.


Maybe he does have a future here after all if he can accept the rotation policy employed amongst the strikers. Class finish for his goal. :D

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To be honest I didn't expect anything when he started his run, even when he beat Weir.


It was a class finish and unlike the normal Cisse finish I have come to expect.

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Was a great finish, possible that its something they are working on?


Its also plainly obvious that Rafa has given him his final warning about staying at the club, and you can genuinely notice a change in Cisse's game all round.


I like Djib, and id like more than anything for him to succeed with us, but i trust Rafa and his judgement first and foremost, two words, PETER CROUCH!!

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