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Raul at Anfield?


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...The Premier League's Dubious Goals Panel meets regularly these days to discuss Crouch's plunder. "You've got to give me that one, surely," said the striker.


They most likely will with Raul, sitting in the directors' box alongside his family clad in Morientes No19 shirts, presumably amazed by the formality of it all...




Another Spaniard for Anfield? ;)


Sorry, didn't see that the topic already existed :( Please delete!

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yeah i seen he was there alright, sure he`s out with a long term knee injury so has plenty of time off


isnt he nandos best mate, PLUS, rafa is the coach that pushed for him to start for the madrid first team, im sure their still friends


would be a nice bit of business though, although thats not really the topic here


oops, the can of worms is well and truly open now


Raul for Liverpool :D

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