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  1. the adventure for his arrival on merseyside was quite epic.
  2. mark gonzalez https://www.lfchistory.net/Players/Player/Profile/1128
  3. that's terrible news. I read on facebook he had a lymphoma. Rest in peace mate ­čś×
  4. the official meeting point for the LFC supporters in paris is the lush bar 16 rue des dames 75017 Paris. Close to the gare saint lazare (railway station). This is a few metro stations away from the parc des princes. This is a place where the french branch of the LFC supporters meet.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MHXH_QfOyw these two french lads are impressive. they surely know how to rock
  6. Yes indeed. In that time of year you can make lots of kayak, hiking in the fresh mountain air, in a lovely place.
  7. I read that lfc is going to train in france soon. Does someone here knows where exactly where they are going to train? Thank you.
  8. that song really starts after 2 minutes. What a piece of blues that is....
  9. I'm telling you one thing. In France , when you have a baby in France, every father in France is given 15 days off paid by the french equivallent of the NHS. it is called the "paternity vacation┬Ę . Then on facebook , someone said yesterday : "hey lads, if you make your wife pregnant these days, you are going to be on paternity vacation exactly at the moment of the FIFA word cup next year, so don't hesitate". That is low content stuff.
  10. it looks like we are wolves not LFC anymore
  11. i'd like to see more of this young lad in the first squad
  12. RIP ronnie very sad news
  13. Emre Can earns 35K a week and requests 100K a week for his next contract and the lad insists it's not all about money. Of course it's not.
  14. the pace was very very slow for that first half.
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