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I just got kicked off of Koptalk

Guest BahBah75

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Guest BahBah75
What am I going to do now???  :)




Some of the members are having a go at Dunk for not having any inside info on the insider and I stuck up for them!


I said that in over 2 years of being a member of the Insider I have not seen 1 peice of Insider information that acyually came true! The funniest thing is the other day Dunk stated that he had contacts all over the world in Real Madrid, Man Utd, Newcastle and Spurs etc and it turns out his big contact in Newcastle is his next door neighbour!!! :lol:


Truth be known I have been having a go at him for weeks, I like arguing with the big fella! what can I say!!!!!


Seriously though alot of the good posters on there are leaving one by one as they are getting fed up of being policed all the time! and I am not keen on the fact that not only is he a liverpool fan who runs KT he is also a spurs fan (with a spurs site) and a Newcastle fan (with a Newcastle site) not sure if I can post links on here as I have not read the AUP here yet!


Anyway, looks like you lot are stuck with me now! At least ill get some proper insider info off of Elisha!! :D


See ya later Dunk :bleh:

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