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Firmware upgrade for a tablet


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My cheap table freezes occasionally, apparently they have released some new firmware but when I went on the site it says


Backup data before upgrading the firmware.."data is wiped during upgrade".


So my question is, how do I back up the data, what data do I need to backup? I only use the tablet for the kids/browsing but I have downloaded some apps from the play store and have a few downloaded pdfs knocking about as well.




Edit - wrong f***ing forum, could a kindly mod move this please?

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Hmm, I dont think you'll lose any of your apps (as they're synced with your gmail account). Worst case, your apps will be re-downloaded automatically if gmail account's synced.


You may have to back up your personal files including PDF's, videos etc using a data cable (no software needed if on Windows, 'Android Tranfser' if on mac), but from memory, I dont think that you lose any files either. I used to back up my SD Card by simply dumping everything onto the computer via a card reader, but if your SD Card isn't detachable, I'd just transfer (copy/paste to computer) the files that are really important to you.


Again, from memory, you only lose data if something effs up during the update (for a tablet, as you dont have to worry about texts/call logs etc), which rarely happens, but does.

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Is this an android tablet? If so check the settings for backup and restore. If it's configured to backup your settings then all your Google apps should be restored when you log back in after the firmware update. Any apps you have downloaded are also linked to your account and listed in the play store under 'my apps'.


The only things you really need to consider backing up are things like photos, any music, movies you might have put on manually.


If there are only a small amount of them and you aren't able to transfer them directly to a PC, use something like Google Drive or Drop box instead.

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