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Recruitment for 2013-14 is well underway and many people have already applied.

But in some parts of the business there is still a need for more applicants.

Head of BT apprenticeships Amanda Kirtley said: “We hope to recruit up to 500 apprentices this year – that’s more than previous years.

“The programme’s remit is also growing and we are delighted to support the expansion of our TV and fibre plans, enabling more apprentices to be involved in our exciting ventures.”

There are still some vacancies to fill across the UK including

Aberdeen, London, Guildford, Cambridge and Ipswich. There are also vacancies in North Wales and at other locations in East Anglia.

“If BT people know anyone who is making career choices at the moment and would be interested in joining BT as an apprentice then ask them to apply straight away via www.bt4me.co.uk, ” said Amanda.

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