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The 2009/10 Player of the Season game.


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The Liverpool Supporters’ Player of the Season game.


Hello everyone.


Some of you may know me. I am a visitor to quite a few LFC sites and have been the custodian of the player of the season game for 5 years now. The game has spanned 5 different sites in its time and last year the main voters came from Est1892, 6CM, Scouser Tommy, TLW and YNWA. I am hoping that more voters from other sites will give a more accurate picture of our feelings as Liverpool supporters.


I am hoping that you will play a part in this 6th year to enable us to get a picture of our players’ performances and to crown a worthy winner come May 2010.


Previous winners:


2005 – Jamie Carragher

2006 – Steven Gerrard

2007 – Dirk Kuyt

2008 – Javier Mascherano

2009 – Xabi Alonso



This year, the format will be the same. Instead of voting for a single player as your Man of the match, you vote for your top 3. This enables a “steady Eddie” like Reina or Kuyt to get his mentions and gain some points. (I did think about a top 5 list, but can foresee problems when the result goes against us…getting people to vote for 1 player is hard enough!)


Points are the same as last year, top player gets 5 points, second player gets 3 and third player gets a single point.


All competitive games are counted, CC, FA, CLQs, CL and league matches.


I shall post current league tables so that we can follow the players’ performances throughout the season.


Hopefully, the tables will put an end to the “Babel is s****” type of arguments.


If a moderator could ensure a sticky when I post a Man of the Match thread, I would be grateful…also it would be nice if I could have a sticky league table thread for the game throughout the season.


Thanks for your support in this.



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