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We have a young lad stopping with us, when I say young he's 23 which is well young to me (F*ck off Kahnee) he's been plaing in the MLS and is in the UK for trials at QPR and Leeds. I'm putting him up as it's all last minute and as a favour to his agent who is a good friend of mine. The QPR trial is delayed as they're in Croatia, he's in Leeds next week and he obviously has to keep fit.


So last night I took him training with our U18's for an hour, he then went over and trained with the first team, they play at a high standard but were hugely impressed, and the U18's were raving about him as you would expect. Then my son told his team mates he was on FIFA 09, that he'd found him playing for San Jose Earthquakes, that he'd challenged him to a game. The lad had chosen an Italian team as he played for Peugia and had Italian parents, the game was set. Anyway..


My lad chose to be San Jose Earthquakes and promptly spent the entire game giving the ball to David only for him to boot over the bar, give the ball away at every opportunity, miss tackles, fall over and genrally f*ck it up, my son spent the entire game telling him he is crap. It was all very light hearted, and David was pissing himself laughing.


It was funny. That is all.........

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