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Where is Alonso's New Contract?


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With Gerrard/Kuyt signing new contracts and talk of getting a new contract set up for Torres, is a new contract for Alonso also on the cards? It didn't sit right with me how we treated him last Summer, think he deserved better from us - he had just come back from winning the European Championship with Spain, and had always been a good servant to us so it wasn't nice seeing him hawked around to anyone willing to pay £10 million for him. Lesser players would have sulked and started looking around for a new team, but Alonso has been superb this season and shown his quality and importance to the team. I hope we do get Barry this summer as he's a good player, would improve our squad and can cover a lot of positions for us - defensive midfield, left back, left midfield. However that shouldn't be at the expense of Alonso, and hopefully it needn't be now that we seem to have a bit more cash - can't see any good reason why the two have to be exclusive anyway.


So isn't it time we rewarded Alonso with a new contract too?

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