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Spirit Of Shankly, Liverpool Supporters Union – AGM. Reminder

Spirit Of Shankly

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Spirit Of Shankly, the Liverpool Supporters Union, will be holding its Inaugural Annual General Meeting (AGM) this Sunday, commencing at 11:30am in The Olympia, West Derby. The AGM is an important milestone for the Union. It allows us to ensure the committee is properly and democratically elected, and for the committee and the Union to take direction from its membership. These processes and formalities are important, to see the Union continue as it should and to ensure it is not just in place in 5 years time, but still going strong in 50 years time. This meeting also takes place just over a year from our very first meeting at The Olympia, on 16th February 2008, when the name and the objectives for the Union were agreed upon, marking what has been a significant year for us fans deciding that enough is enough, and its time that our voices are heard by those within our football club.




Sunday's AGM and the recent elections for positions on the committee are important. The process will allow for energy and fresh ideas from new committee members, and will allow continuing committee members to progress current issues. However, the Union isn't just about the work done by the committee. The membership is vital to the success of our aims, and the membership will be called upon, not just to support action, but to work with committee members, supporting their role, contributing ideas, and sharing the workload. This will allow greater involvement from the membership to the achievement of the Unions aims.




Spirit Of Shankly has come a long way in a relatively short space of time. We have implemented required practices and a working structure that will allow us to be successful, and we will continue to grow, learn and develop. We have worked on a number of important issues such as the campaign to free Michael Shields, and on long standing issues such as ticketing and travel. Importantly, we have also kept up the campaign to rid the club of our present owners. We have met with them, and we have protested, loud and angry, and the situation to them and to anyone else is clear - We want them out and we will continue to work towards this until it is achieved. They are still here but we remain confident of achieving this aim, and seeing Liverpool Football Club run by fit and proper owners.


So come along on Sunday, whether you have supported the Union from the very beginning, or if you are still unsure and want to see what it is all about. There is no better opportunity to see the transparency and democratic nature of the Union for yourself.


One year on - Let's work together, to make sure the coming years are just as successful, for the Union, and more importantly, Liverpool Football Club.


Spirit Of Shankly


[The AGM and procedures relating to it, require us to keep to the Agenda that has been sent out. No new items are allowed to be added to this at this stage. There will, however, be an opportunity for 'General Discussion', where questions that members may have can be asked and answered. This will take place once the AGM meeting has been formally closed]

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