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The Happening


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Was gonna post this in the "last film you watched thread" but that's been closed, so I am forced (by mysterious forces of nature that we'll never understand) to open a thread specifically about this master-piece.


I had no intention of seeing the film, but then read on here what some had said about it.


Right from the first minute, I can't remember laughing so much at a film not meant to be a comedy. If anyone wants a good laugh and enjoys watching tragically bad films, the Happening is a must.


The most terrible script and poor acting wrapped round a plot so absurd, I just can't believe the film was ever released.


"Oh my god... what kind of terrorists are these?" said by the woman watching the guy go into the lion enclosure so he can be eaten alive, is one of the (inintentionally) funniest film moments in years


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The trees somehow seemingly controlling the wind is so absurd it has to be seen




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The fact that the main characters don't all die is a great disappointment


And then reading how the film is basically about intelligent design really tops it all off. I really encourage people to watch this film without spending money on it (I'm sure there's a way to do that). Missing out would be a real shame.

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