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Clough Books

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here's another one:




Latest installment: Clough declares that he knows more about psychology than Sigmnund Freud and can#t be arsed reading about him: "How many European Cups has Freud won?"


Goes on to lament that Justin Fashanu needed a psychiatrist not a football manager.

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I've just finished the book and I recommend it!


One (of many) things I didn't know is that apparently Clough did not like Bob Stokoe at all. The 'Damned Utd' book includes the episode where Clough's career-ending injury happens in a match in which Stokoe was playing and Stokoe accused him of feigning injury: "He's codding is Clough!"


According to the Hamilton book Clough held a grudge against Stokoe for this and even tried to f*ck up Stokoe's chances of getting the Sunderland job in the early 70s (Stokoe went on to win the FA Cup, of course). I'd always assumed Clough and Stokoe would be united in their hatred of Revie, but apparently Clough hated him too.


Hamilton also refers to Red Smith as the 'best sportswriter of his or any era'. Anyone read this Smith's stuff?


Next up: Clough's second auto-biography.

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