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am i over sensitive?

allez les rouges

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"Girl hit by skip wagon in Runcorn

Jun 2 2008 by Caroline Innes, Liverpool Echo


A SIX-YEAR-OLD girl was today “poorly but stable” in hospital after she was struck by a seven-and-a-half-tonne skip wagon.


The girl was thought to be sitting on the pavement in Allen Road, Weston Point, Runcorn, when she was hit at around 11.50am on Saturday.


A Cheshire police spokesman said: “The six-year-old has sustained serious crush injuries to her pelvis and legs and has been taken to Alder Hey.


“Her family has been informed and are currently with her at the hospital.”


Residents told how the truck was transporting a full skip.


A 44-year-old man, who lives nearby, said: “My daughter heard a pop, which was quite loud, from a ball which had been crushed.


“It happened so quickly nobody knows what happened.


“Her parents appeared after it had happened and comforted her. The ambulance arrived in about 15 minutes.


“The girl was nowhere near the road. She was on the grass next to the path on the corner of Baker Road and Allen Road.


“I think her name is Millie and she lives locally. She was not crying after it happened but kept on repeating ‘I don’t want to die’.”


The man added: “The man had a full skip on board but I don’t know who has been doing any work around here.”


that bit knocked me sick. was it necessary to include the poor childs words whilst she was begging for her life really necessary? made me feel ill. the poor thing. as far as we know from the article, she still might die.

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