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A shrine to Liverpool FC

Andy Mac

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:lol: I looked to see if this had been posted previously and couldn't see anything. Great story never the less




Liverpool fans created an Anfield shrine under Manchester United player Gary Neville's swimming pool during renovations.

Brothers Brian and Gary Greer were tiling the England full-back's pool when they came up with the idea.

The brothers claim they buried a copy of Kop magazine, a Liverpool scarf and match-day programme underneath the pool in his house near Bolton.


Neville already has history with Liverpool. United and the Anfield side are fierce rivals and the player was fined £5,000 for over-zealous celebrations when United beat the Merseyside team two years ago.

A Manchester United source said: 'He's aware of this. To say he is less than pleased is an understatement.'

Builder Brian said: 'We went to Neville-Neville land to tile his swimming pool.

'While we were there we created a Scouse time capsule and tiled over the top of it. When his house is dug up in the future, archaeologists will see what a passion he had for the Red men.'




PS. I haven't read the papers today.I picked up the story from the Metro newswire. Apologies if it was from THAT paper. Delete if offensive. Thanks

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Guest Snorky

I was told this on Tuesday by a someone whose 'mate' was involved. Never thought nothing of it, apart from let's hope Gary doesn't climb on the roof and check the chimney pot :detective:

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Ah but is it true?


It would be even funnier if this wasn't true and the c*** dug up the floor of the pool to find it.... in doing so spending thousands to find sod all

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