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Laptop Review time

Spion kop

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Guest Prongsy
459.00 USD




231.401 GBP


If thats including delivery and that, then i'd say it was worth it. I can't see what it actually looks like though, but if we're just going on specs its not a bad buy.


I think it's just a case of him not hitting the pound key.


It's probably 459gbp.

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Dell's are fine, but to get the best value for money you have to play savvy with all the special offers and discount codes you get. Delivery is normally expensive (£40?) so waiting for a free delivery offer is worthwhile. Trawl the internet for discount codes, there normally a few floating around on specific models/ranges. They often have similar models in different sections as well (home vs business) and sometimes you can very similar laptops cheaper simply by looking on a different area of their website.

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i went into customise and bumped up the processor, RAM and harddrive at £20 each. bringing the £399 base model up to £459


Oh right cool. I'm not very good when it comes to specs etc so usually just opt for the "recommended models" lol.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 and I'm very happy with it. I think the deal you found looks v good value. But others have said, google Dell coupons and you may get more of a discount...

Cheers for this, i found a coupon with 10% off over £500, so i've bumped the processor up again and the screen pushing it to £510 with the discount bringing it back down to £464 :cooler:

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What do people make of the £479 model on the left? Again, not great with specs so would appreciate some advice. The laptop is the new Dell studio range.

The studio range does look good, i'm still searching as the longer i wait the more value for money appears. Should really just bite the bullet.

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