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Obviously completely wrong forum, could someone please move?


someone owning a white station wagon is mightily pissed off right now


Publicerad: 2008-04-15 11:00

Klicka för större bild

Foto: Rolf Hamilton


Man slänger ut saker på gatan

En stor polisstyrka kallades vid 10.45-tiden till en adress på Kungsängsgatan i Industristaden i Uppsala där en man just nu går bärsärkagång i en lägenhet och slänger ut saker på gatan från femte våningen.

Trafikanter var till att börja med i farozonen, men området är nu avspärrat. Minst ett par bilar har skadats av föremål mannen slängt ut, bland annat blomkrukor och balkongmöbler.

Mannen har barrikaderat sig i lägenheten och hotar att hoppa om polisen bryter sig in.


quick translation:


Man is throwing stuff on the street

A large police force was called around 10.45 to an address on Kungsänsgatan in Uppsala where a man right now is going berserk in an apartment and is throwing items on to the street from the fifth floor.

Initially traffic was in the danger zone, but the area is now closed. At leat a couple of cars have been damaged by objects the man has thrown out, including flower pots and balcony furnishing. The man has barricaded himself inside the apartment and threatens to jump if the police would brake in.

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Too busy posting on YNWA is he?


The amount of studying I have in front of me, have brought me close to the edge a couple of times lately. However due to the fact that I live on the 1st floor, threatening to jump from the balcony would make me into a laughing stock more of laughing stock than I am now.

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All over now. Police barged in through a fire ladder and by a neighbour's balcony. Man is now in psychiatric care.


More excitingly fire dept. had one of those jumping mats (or whatever they're called) rolled out. Always wanted to jump on one of those like Mel Gibson did in lethal weapon.

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I'm looking forward to the next photo update by Rolf Hamilton. Maybe a toilet on top of the white car. Or a bath.




I believe that's our culprit almost in the middle of the picture. Rolf of course being a bit bit of a pussy had fled into his car by now.

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