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MS Exchange 2007


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For failure - anybody know how it works from a DR point of view and DNS?


Looking at the mailbox config settings on outlook, it appears that my mailbox is server specific - i.e. it points at the prod server. If I wanted to point it at the DR server I'd have to amend my mail box settings. Is this the way it works normally?


Or would you expect the target to be a DNS or cluster name?

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Ex2007 is quite a lot different to Ex2003, but the way a client seeks out the relevant mailbox is pretty much the same, as BDB mentioned. If the production organisation fell over, then the failover would kick in, and this should be seemless to the users.


Theres a tonne of stuff on Technet and the like on DR for Ex2007

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I am now being tasked with standardizing our database processing on MS SQL Server*. We are currently using mostly MySQL (I love it!) with some Oracle thrown in for occasional seasoning. Does anyone know much about the Microsoft one?


Is there a good overview/introduction online anywhere? Can anyone recommend a book - assuming in both cases, prior knowledge of SQL and database design, not not the specifics of this particular product not its previous versions.


Obviously if Apple have equivalent or better software we'll migrate everything to Apple Macs right away!


* this must, under no circumstances, be pronounced 'Sequel Server'

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