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Squeezebox / Slacker


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I bought a squeezebox 3 recently and have been playing about with it. One of the best available features (according to AV forums) is the use of 'slacker' but it seems this is available only in the US, as are a number of other radio stations due to the royalties payable by broadcasters in the UK and Europe.


Is there any way to fool the system into thinking my IP address is US based? Previously internet radio stations asked for a postcode to prove US residency but obviously this is a bit more complex!


So, anyone got ideas on fooling it into thinking I've got a US IP to allow me access slacker etc?


BTW the squeezebox is a cracking bit of kit, bit expensive at £180 but for the sheer range of stations and the ability to stream your mp3s - its to dogs! Certainly far better than anything Windows has to offer or other streaming systems which focus on video and have audio tacked on.

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