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What's the last film you watched?

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Tonight I watched 'The Lookout'.


Pretty good it was. The guy who acted the lead role - Joseph Gordon Levitt, was excellent.


Although I did spend most of the film trying to figure out who the guy acting the blind dude was. Anyway, it was Jeff Daniels, not seen him in anything for fecin ages :P



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Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos


Excellent documentary on the rise and fall of New York Cosmos and NASL in the 1970s and early 1980s.

Some great archive footage of Pele that I've never seen before.

Contributions from Beckenbauer, Giorgio Chinaglia (who seems like he was a right piece of work), Rodney Marsh, Carlos Alberto, Dennis Tueart but not Pele.

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The missus was watching Stepford Wives (recent version) last night, while I looked up every now and again from my book. Seemed like some kind of attempt at satire, but even she turned it off cos it was so crap!


There`ve been some highly watchable fillims on ITV2 recently that I`ve enjoyed, esp. The Last Boy Scout.

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Bourne Ultimatum - A bit one paced (unrelenting mind) but a great popcorn movie

Miracle - Proof that Kurt Russell is a damn fine actor. Its also one of the few sports movies (its about the US ice hockey team who won the Olympic gold medal at the 1980 games) that doesn't resort to sentimentality or cliche. The coverage of the actually matches is ,,really well done and very, very smart. The last ten seconds of the game against the USSR for example consists of just a single crowd shot. You don't see what is happening on the ice. You see there reaction.

It also made me aware of just how much politics had changed in the last 30 years. Obviously there has been a change in East West relations but what struck me most about the political backdrop to the film was the inclusion of a speech by Jimmy Carter. You couldn't imagine the current incumbent making a speech that was that articulate or heartfelt nor could you imagine him presenting a vision of America and what it means to be American in the way Carter did. It was neither sentimental, aggressive or rooted in a simple 'good vs. evil' story.

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