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Decent anti-McKenzie piece by Brian Reade in the Mirror


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MEMO to Kelvin MacKenzie: If you're doing nothing at 5.15 tonight why not tune in to the Liverpool v Arsenal game on BBC1, where you will find 12,000 Kopites expressing what they think of your persistent campaign to rubbish the findings of Lord Justice Taylor's Report into the Hillsborough Disaster.


It will last a full six minutes. Or as long as 96 fans were left by police to die inside cages while an FA Cup tie played on in front of them in April 1989. But I don't need to remind you of the details, as you know them all. Even though you were 200 miles away at the time.


Because some anonymous Yorkshire copper who was ordered to deflect attention away from his force's culpability, span you a pack of lies, which you gladly published as The Truth, and which cost your newspaper dear.


Perhaps you still loathe yourself for being a submissive lackey who mouthed a false apology at Rupert Murdoch's behest or maybe you're too vain to accept hard evidence and let it go.


Either way you're still telling audiences, like the one in Newcastle last month, The Truth about Hillsborough was that Liverpool fans got tanked up, stampeded a gate, killed their own, and as they lay dying, pissed on them and stole their belongings.


I just hope the Kop's tribute to you evokes a fraction of the anger and pain your continued lies do to the many people still living with the harrowing consequences of British football's most tragic day.


But I don't think it will. Which, Mr Mackenzie, is the saddest Truth of all.

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