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Someone has changed the words

Guest Kev

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Let me tell you a story of a poor team

Who were sent far away from their home

To live in the sticks out in Knowsley

Where only the cattle do roam


They were banished to a lower division

Had no hope of seeing far foreign lands

and the fans swarmed around in their hundreds

With Tescos bags clutched in their hands


Oh a battle it started next morning

Over at aisle number one

Oh those poor blue s**** toffees

Were fighting over the last current bun

As they lay on the aisles in Tescos (Tescos Tescos Tescos)

Knocking over the cakes and buns (and the bread)

As they lay on the aisles in Tescos

These were the last words they said


Oh we are the Evertonians and our ground is made of wood

and we're horrible and bitter cos we've never been that good

We support a team that's dressed in blue

It's a team that no-one knows

A team sponsered by Tescos cos that's where we buy our clothes


1,2,1,2,3,1,2,3,4, pound off

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