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stop with the Peter crouch talk!

Guest Makaveli Smith

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Guest Makaveli Smith

Im tired of hearing that he's so good or that he offers so much... HE DOES NOT. Im sure he's a great guy and all but seriously, just stop with this fake optumism already... the man isnt up to it and you've all known it from day one.


Crouch is utter rubbish... he has great ball control for a man of his size and has a decent footballing mind on him but he has no acceleration or pace, also he cant head for s*** (if you try and mention headed goals then i'll be forced to kill, balls get landed on his head or nothing)... lets also be honest , his finishing is terrible... his actual shooting technique is not that of a striker at all. Am I also the only person who noticed the amount od times he stops a liverpool attack simply by constantly fouling his marker?? This is the main reason why I think he should not play for liverpool, he gives possession away by climbing on players that he his already towering over!!!! WTF!


I really dont see a future for this player at liverpool, I think Kuyt was bought to take his place and i think that even after watching him for 40 mins, I think that he will be far more effective....


I think Kuyt is the man who will score 15 league goals this season. Powerful, Insanely passionate!, good positional awareness and an eye for goal... anlso did i meantion powerful!



he is the future of liverpool.

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