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Match Fixing?


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Unlucky 13...


Italian football has had to do a lot of soul searching over the summer due to the astonishing match-fixing trial afflicting Serie A, as the ever-deepening scandal was uncovered after wire taps and extensive investigations. In Nigeria, meanwhile, alleged corruption may be slightly easier to spot.


Officials in the African country are currently looking into a 13-0 victory for Akwa United against Calabar Rovers on August 12 which allowed the side to earn promotion to the Premier League. Any fewer goals and rivals Bussdor would have gone up, and unsurprisingly alarm bells started ringing. The mystery deepens with the revelation that the referee dismissed three players from the Calabar side, and Nigerian Professional League executive secretary Salifu Abubakar has confirmed the incident will be thoroughly investigated.


"The committee will probe a petition from Bussdor saying the match was fixed to enable Akwa United gain promotion," Abubakar confirmed. Whilst Back of the Net is a firm believer in innocent until proven guilty, it does seem somewhat suspicious that Akwa's record before the match under scrutiny read played 14, scored 12.



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