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  1. Just seen the score. Thank f*** I didn't watch that and jump around like a blert at 2-2
  2. I can't be arsed reading the whole thread since 6pm but I can't get enough of watching bobby's smile break out when he sees kepa gift it to sadio. 😍
  3. Yeah yeah but how many insta followers has he got?
  4. Absolutely. The people who laughed after that draw with West Brom aren't laughing now.
  5. Yeah, was watching city last night and our road to Madrid in the avy. Itching to get back to European footy now
  6. A reduced CL ban of 1 season to get their hopes up swiftly followed by a points deduction that stops them qualifying for the 2021-22 CL please.
  7. Are you saying our heads all fell off for nothing?
  8. Bald Devil


    Yeah the plans have to be kept secret in case the virus hears them.
  9. Yep. A blue moonie on the 25th of January: well if it spreads in the uk it could stop the dippers winning the title
  10. The blue moonies will be saying this result was deliberate to rob them of the chance to break our record
  11. Bald Devil

    Election 2019

    Why? He wasn't being a massive f***in s***house was he?
  12. Can't remember a transfer thread on here that wasn't full of left backs till now. He's doin sound
  13. Bald Devil

    Gigs 2014+

    Yeah right she was s***. Thanks for nothing Nathan
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