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World's shortest dullest film about to go into production


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Scene 1: A camera pans slowly around the reception area of a corporate broadcasting association building, it comes to rest on an unassuming man standing by the main door. A woman with a clipboard bursts through a side door calling out a man's name. The gentleman standing idly by raises his hand and the woman whisks him away.


Scene 2: The man is now having make up applied before being escorted onto a film set and shown a chair while another man attaches a clip microphone to him. The camera pulls back to reveal a desk and two presenters. It is a rolling news TV programme. The man gets asked some questions about computers and blunders a couple of answers.


Scene 3: He is being shown out of the building when the woman suddenly realises he's not the man they should have interviewed after all. The woman laughs [Fade to black, cue credits and epic music]


Er.... that's it.

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