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Guest Cameron

The Premier League has recommended that teams no longer knock the ball out for injuries. This was once a fairly noble gesture but is now nothing more than a tactic used by some unscrupulous teams to win an advantage by disrupting the other teams rhythm, or to waste time. Almost every time the ball is kicked out the 'injured' player is soon back on his feet and ready to go.

These footballers should be conditioned enough to take a few knocks without having to resort to sissy-like behaviour and roll around crying, forcing the game to be stopped - only for them to get back up after a minute.


Hopefully the clubs will agree to this recommendation and no longer disrupt games by kicking the ball out of play.

The one contentious issue I can see is if the team in possession suffers an 'injury', they will no doubt kick the ball out and expect it to be returned to them, when the opposition will be under no obligation to do so. That could cause a problem or two.


Here's a link to a report on this issue.



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