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Being 'Well Read'... (a nod to Herbie)

Scally the Wag

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Matters arising:


as noted earlier by our illustrious member, Mr H v Smalls, there remains the somewhat abstract question of being well read.


Take my own case as an example. I have a lot of years on most of you, and so have had more time to devour books. I read reasonably fast and have decent powers of concentration such that long and heavy books are as welcome as any others. In that sense, I have been able to read widely and, in some ways, deeply. By some standards, I can be said to have read quite well. But can I consider myself 'well read'?


I have never really thought so on the basis that whenever I read something I find particularly interesting, I also discover a whole new direction to explore - I never seem to have done more than scratch the surface. I also never read outside of English - I am dependent on translations for a lot of my books.


The question therefore is: what does being well read mean? Any definitions?

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