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First choice front pairing

Guest RedIsMyColour

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Guest RedIsMyColour

With Kuyts impending arrival we will have 4 strikers; Fowler, Bellamy, Crouch and Kuyt.


Fowler although his injuries have taken there toll he is still a very useful player to have in the team, due to his vision and finishing ability. He can conjour up a goal out of nothing, likewise creating a goal for another.


Bellamy very good signing for 6m. Has them pace and the control to cause damage to most defences, especially those playing an higher line at the back, he can exploit the space and make it count which is something we lacked last season (Cisse wasn't good enough IMO).


Crouch. Great touch for a big man :rolleyes: , has the ability to win most high balls and provide for others. Hopefully with his Goals for England he now has the confidence and self-belief to really bang the goals in.


Kuyt. I have not seen much of him but from what I have seen he is a powerful forward, dogged if you like, who will hunt lost causes and is pretty handy in the air.


Its interesting to see though who Rafa picks as his first choice partnership. Bellamy is a certainty and If we do pay £10m for Kuyt its highly unlikely that Rafa would not make him first choice.


All in all, we have a lot better options than we did last year :)

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