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Scally the Wag

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Andy, if you see this - thanks again for the books. You can be sure I'm working on a selection for you.


In between all my other engagements and obligations I have managed to reach Book 4 (halfway). Truly absorbing stuff. Book 3 in particular is extremely well-paced.


My only complaint is that Donaldson must be using the same editor as he had for his Covenant series: he seems to get a word stuck in his head and then keep using it (wurms again). He really should let someone weed out these little annoyances. However, I am not in the least bit disappointed with the series so far. It is as black as I had been led to believe and far more grim than anything I have read recently except, perhaps, Mervin Peake (Gormenghast).


As you will now realise, I was unable to re-visit the Telford area. After Ben arrived, there was just too much to do and too few days to squeeze it all in. I was unable to do the London trips as well.

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