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  1. http://www.indefence.is/ This, along with the fact that Kaupthing are getting ready to file a lawsuit against the Britist government, and hoping to get the Icelandic government to sue along with them.
  2. Obviously people are in a state of shock, and are still realizing the situation but yeah, the common Icelander is furious. This entire episode has been blown out of proportion, Landsbanki's assets should cover all, or a very big part of the accounts. Beside that the Iceland government have said the will deal with the issue along with the English government. Words where misinterpreted and I think a lot of it is due to lack of info and communication problems. Another factor in this, is the massively corrupt media in Iceland, it's a joke really. All of the newspapers and tv stations are owned by the biggest business men in the country, or heavily influenced by a political party, so there are thousands of unanswered questions which the public can't and probably won't ever know the answers too. Here is an interview given by a Norwegian with a PR guy from Glitnir(one of Iceland's 3 big banks) asking questions you wouldn't see in the Icelandic media, hilarious to watch really.. But yeah, people are furious with the actions made, and the fact our PM hasn't lashed out at Gordon Brown. Many belive that Gordon Brown is simply trying to save his own ass with these actions, but it doesn't change the fact it has made people furious, demanding something will be done over this. Kaupthing was the last string of hope for many, and with it gone the light in the dark is pretty much gone.
  3. Just want to add a little more to this from an Icelandic view, I apologize if some of the financially related words aren't translated correctly. Anyway, our economy has been blossoming for a long time, since really our banks, and other company's ran by the government were sold. Many like to say we've privatized the gain, and socialized the loss. We have certainly been warned, we have had many negative reports on the way, especially the banks have been ran. We simply pushed the criticism aside, claiming they were jealous of our business genius. So many things have gone wrong it's unbelievable really, the greed in about 15-20 men has played a massive role, these men own almost everything there is to own in Iceland, all the banks, and all the major company's. They have been loaning themselves from their own banks. They have also cross-sold in massive proportions and it's truly unbelievable how these men have gotten away with this over and over again. They need to be brought to justice, and charged for their actions, which unfortunately I doubt will happen. They have built schemes on top of schemes, the largest probably FL Group(now known as Stodir Group if you wanna look into it) lied to people, I'm not sure what it's called in English, but they encouraged people to put their life-savings into a thing called "peningamarkadsbref, roughly translated to money market-papers" which have given 16% interest rates for the last couple of years, and people were of the belief they were completely save, being told so by the bank. By buying these money market-papers people were basically buying loans, given to unstable financial companies, and very far from being save. The other interesting thing is, that these loans were many given to companies, that the people who owned the bank were owners of as well, everything is connected, everyone owns everyone. We have simply been printing money for ages, created massive amounts of money that only exists on excel files, with nothing behind them. The same goes for our entire stock market, and the our quota(not sure whether there is word for it in English, basically people buy quote to buy able to fish x many tons, we created this system, which is now worth billions without increasing revenue, or getting any more foreign currency in. I could go on and on, and there are probably many things I'm not even aware of, or not explaining clear enough for you, but basically people got away with everything, everyone was making money and nobody lost a thing. It went on like this for years, until in recent years when 1 or 2 started blinking their warning lights. And that's just the business men in Iceland, our government and central bank is just as much of a joke. For one they allowed this to go on, with out raising a single question. Our central bank chief is our ex-prime minister, who is a lawyer, with no economics education what so ever. He had countless of opportunity's to take loans to strengthen our currency, and banks in need. Our currency reserves barely raised the recent years, despite the massive need for them to do so. Our central bank has made hundreds of mistakes the recent month's and people have been calling for the head up David Oddson(the chief of the central bank) who has acted more like a politician then a central bank manager the recent days. For one he was behind socializing Glitnir, which could have been avoided, at least for the time being. As when that was done, the credibility of all our other banks disappeared, it was suicidal. The worst probably has been the crisis management done by our politicians, instead of making a statement right away guaranteeing people their bank accounts would be kept safe they dragged it on and a mini-bank ran was in place as thousands of people removed money from their accounts. They needed to keep the nation calm, let them know that there were solutions on the way. Instead they sent mixed signals, or told nothing. That led to massive panic which made the situation much worse then it had to be. The worst pessimists didn't even consider it would ever be this bad, it's much worse then we could have possibly imagined, and with the government taking over Kaupthing we are well and truly f***ed. We need to make the necessary actions immediately to save the remains, I'm afraid we are about to live some truly horrible times over the next decades, and I can't even begin to imagine the situation in a few months, I'm terrified. And yeah, you simply cannot blame people for taking loans in foreign currencies, we installed 'verdtrygging'(Logic mentioned this earlier, it regards the inflation, and how our loans go through the roof in high inflation) to safe the banks from loosing everything when inflation went through the roof. The Krona began to loose value in a rapid fashion, which pretty much led to the loans disappearing. Inflation was over 100% and we even removed two zero's from the krona after this. So that's why we installed verdtrygging, to safe the banks. However our salaries aren't insured for inflation which means having loans during massive inflation is insane, this 'verdtrygging' has been heavily criticized for a while. To give you an idea of what it's like, it's normal for people to pay 100.000 krona's in payments on their loans, and currently only about 15.000 is paying for the loan itself, the rest being interest and this verdtrygging. So it's perfectly normal for people to have taken these loans to get rid of the verdtrygging, the banks even recommended them. When the Krona collapses, the capital of the loan get's higher, but it also goes down when the Krona's value raises, the only way "inflation protected" loans go down again, is during negative inflation - which pretty much never happens. Obviously our main problem has been printing money and making the Krona worthless, along with taking massive loans, our banks alone owe 6 times our yearly GDP. There was obvious need to shuffle up our entire economy, but this could have been done without it complete crashing, but thanks to our politicians, central bank, business men, and allies all failing us - we are currently pretty damn f***ed. However, the fact that you froze all of Landsbankinn and Kaupthing's assets is insane. It was completely unnecessary, and frankly, if Iceland had an army all warning balls would be lit. The difference is, that Icesave was simply part of Landsbankinn, Kaupthing's banks in England and elsewhere are all daughter-companies(Kaupthing Edge f.x.) meaning the British government is responsible for guaranteeing your accounts. Freezing Kaupthing assets(about 1000 billion kronas) when they desperately needed all the cash available to them killed them. They could have survived this crisis, and frankly needed to. During the next months Kaupthing's collapse is going to have catastrophic results. I just thank f*** I'm still in school and don't owe 50 million kronas in a house that I bought for 30 million, and is going to be worth 10 million in a year, which is a position many will be in. And again, sorry for not translating everything correctly, I just wanted to add my view a bit to this, an Icelandic economic student, who is not really optimistic of living here in 5 years time. f*** that's pretty long btw, it's just pretty easy to keep ongoing on this subject, and I could go on and on - well hopefully someone will be bothered to read parts of it and understand our situation better
  4. I can see why Arbeloa doesn't Álvaro Arbeloa Coca
  5. sbaros

    Fan Cards

    Yeah I would think so, that I would just be given a ticket, cant imagine they'll check who has fan cards and who hasn't but seeing as they said it was necessary I reckoned there had to be some reason for it well I guess I'll find out tomorow when I go down there.. Ta for the help everyone btw..
  6. sbaros

    Fan Cards

    The travel agency works with the Icelandic Liverpool supporters club, and they told me it was a demand from Liverpool FC. I didn't really talk to much to them, but enough to be told I needed a fan card. Going to talk better to them tomorow I really just wanted to get my info straight before, so really a fan card shouldn't be necessary unless you are applying for tickets yourself?
  7. sbaros

    Fan Cards

    Might be misunderstanding you, but the travel agency package thingy includes a ticket, but they told me I needed a fan card, so really I'm wondering if it's absolutely necessary to have a fan card, if it isn't possible to get it in the ticket office the day before(which reading from this isn't possible)
  8. sbaros

    Fan Cards

    The possibility really just came up today but I'm probably going to Liverpool-Birmingham on 22.September with an Icelandic travel agency, and I got quite worried over the new fancard system. Since it's only 17 days till the game, and it can take up to 6 weeks to send it I can't count on that. Bascily I was wondering wether it was possible to apply for a fan card in the ticket office the day before the game? Or is it a whole process which takes a while making that unpossible. And also, I've noticed some travel agencies say it's vital to have a fan card, while others say it isn't necessary. With hope of answers and not to much of "f*** off you OOTer"
  9. Arsenal have to play Chelsea and Portsmouth away aswell, and given there injury's and recent form I'm pretty optimistic.
  10. Honestly are you really that bothered? 4th place is secured and 3rd is very likely, and we have the biggest game of the season on thursday.. This game was always going to be hard, away to a team challanging for europe. I would've preferred Alonso to be rested aswell, and for Padelli to play instead of Dudek but otherwise I'm thrilled with the team.. give a few youngsters a chance rest the first team. We would have had a hard time with our first team, never mind our reserves but I really just don't care.. unless we loose with a massive margin, which is highly unlikely as Portsmouth have scored from both their chances in the game
  11. Feck me I'm happy with that.. don't know about Dudek and Zenden but thrilled to see 4 youngsters in the 16 man squad, and especially Insúa starting.. nice to see Fowler aswell..
  12. Here I thought i knew my youth players, and I know all the players pretty well, but who the f*** is Nathan Eccleston?
  13. ALEX HAS SCORED!!!! Arsenal need 2 now in 7 mins + extra time!
  14. We and Chelsea are through, Man U no matter how badly they play win everything these days so I doubt Lille will score 2 goals and Arsenal currently going to extra time.. Looking likely that there will be 4 English teams in the final 8
  15. Doesn't really matter where they are in the league, but considering how s*** Saviola was in the first league, Barca having Eto'o back and looking at his best will certainly improve them a great deal Not saying I think we'll lose it now, but I would have prefered it if the off-field problems had kept on and Saviola or Gudjohnsen would've played the second leg aswell..
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