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A little story from a recent funeral

Guest Kev

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A cousin's father-in-law was recently buried. He was one of four brothers, Alf Hanson, and Stan Hanson were two of them.


Anyway...in Uncle Albert mode, during the war they were stationed at Burntonwood (Where the service station is on the M62 - for OTT) with the American Servicemen.


The Americans organised a baseball match against the Brits..........and promptly got stuffed at their own game :D


A few months later the story goes, the Americans asked for a rematch. Unknown to the Brits, the yanks had flew over a team of semi-pros just to get their own back :o


Anyway, the yanks won and restored parity :rolleyes: , but my cousins f-i-l sustained a broken finger trying to catch a ball, and it never got fixed properly.


The f-i-l actually played for Marine FC, and both his brothers who played professionally reckoned he was the better player out of all of them.

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