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doing a best man speech


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did one saturday. all ready for it - got to the meal - no problem except for a persistant cough. managed to keep that under control by having a neat whiskey beforehand (tip from the toast master).


was great until I knew the groom was about to finish his speech - then I had a massive attack of nerve - needed a drink and it was all gone - water, wine, spirits - the lot had run out!!! and the cough came back. just about managed the speech before my vioce gave out totally - luckily the attack of nerves dissappeared as soon as I started speaking.



Toastmaster was brilliant - I was working with him to make sure that everything went ok - and it looked to everyone as if he kept checking back with me on various things - when in fact he was giving me score updqates on the Liverpool game!! good lad!

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Great job ? on the piss for 4 days before[check], everyone loved the speech[check] and I got bought drinks all night after it[check] :D



But it's still a s***ty job ;)

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well sorry to disapoint you mate but I am fully booked :thumbs:



I was just wondering if you were the one that was allocated by the company I contacted...

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Um, that's the date of my wedding...



You sure it aint the 28th :unsure:


































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